Optical Brighteners Manufacturer

Who We Are

We are a Company dedicated to the manufacturing & marketing of

OPTICAL WHITENING AGENTS for the textile industry.

We are your “ONE STOP SHOP” for all your OBA requirenments.

With strong commercial and administrative expertise, UNITED has established itself as a manufacturer of quality products that enjoy customer confidence, both in the domestic and international markets.

The UNITED Advantage.....

  • Innovative products. Always a step ahead
  • Consistent Quality
  • Competitive pricing
  • Effective service
  • Timely delivery
  • Strong Customer support
  • Innovative products. Always a step ahead

We strive towards supplying ECO - FRIENDLY Products

Our Laboratory is fully dedicated to quality standardization, product development and process standardization.

The Company is also equipped with a team of technically and commercially qualified professionals.

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Our Products

Luminophore – Range of Optical Whitening agents

Optical brighteners, optical brightening agents (OBAs), fluorescent brightening agents (FBAs) or fluorescent whitening agents (FWAs) are chemical compounds that absorb light in the ultraviolet and violet region (usually 340-370 nm) of the electromagnetic spectrum, and re-emit light in the blue region (typically 420-470 nm).

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