Technical services

Successful companies do not simply respond to customer demands, they find ways to invent new products that create new markets. We understand our markets. We act on customers' needs and anticipate new market opportunities. And our core competencies enable us to offer added value to your business through practical solutions.

Our growth & success is attributed to R&D efforts on newer products, product applications, trouble identification and quality assurance. Equipped with sophisticated instruments, our team of technocrats, with their innovative approach and product knowledge develop products to meet customer's growing demands for superior performance at a reduced cost.

Our Laboratory is fully dedicated to quality standardization, product development and process standardization. The group is also equipped with a team of technically and commercially qualified professionals.

Quality Assurance laboratory

  • 1

    Ultra Violet liquid spectrophotometer for Optical strength ( e 1/1)

  • 2

    Vacuum filtration for particle size analysis

  • 3

    Pad mangle & oven for thermosolling / Continuous dyeing

  • 4

    Centrifuge for dispersion stability test

  • 5

    Gretag Macbeth i5 color matching spectrophotometer for evaluation of fabric

  • 6

    Infra red exhaust dyeing machine

We have recently complied with the EU PRE REGISTRATION of all raw materials used in the manufacturing of our OBA’s. (As declared by our raw material suppliers)

We can supply products which are ECO FRIENDLY and do not contain hazardous chemicals listed below or are within the Internationally accepted limits.

  • Carcinogenic aromatic amines
  • Phthalates
  • Formaldehyde
  • PCP
  • Allergic – disperse dyes
  • CFC’s
  • Flame retardants
  • Chloro organic carriers
  • Heavy metals
  • Organotins

Our R&D efforts are towards

  • New product innovation – Shade / hue of OBA, different application temperatures, improving “Whiteness”
  • Cost reduction of current products by way of raw material substitution
  • Preparing and updating Product literature’s, MSDS, RSL, of our OBA’s
  • Improving production processes

Innovation – Making white ….. Whiter

The days of incremental improvements have long passed. In today's dynamic markets, survival and success are not achieved merely by fine-tuning operations rather, it is an on going process involving exchange of information between customers, technical and sales persons, financial and production workers, administration and maintenance personnel and acting on this information to reach an over all goal.

At UNITED we have always tried to stay one step ahead of our competition. At a time when only “traditional” OBA’s were being manufactured & marketed in India, we introduced our “S” series of Optical Brighteners for polyester, OBA’s that fully developed at below the boil without the use of environmentally harmful carriers.

Our people, their creativity and innovative skills, are the main strength of UNITED. Speedy reactions to a changing technological world and a "do it now" culture are key assets.